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Nini was born in Tbilisi, Georgia and spent a lot of time drawing, sculpting, and crafting during her childhood. This also includes learning the violin when she was 5 which led to her graduating from the Tbilisi State Conservatoire with a Bachelor’s in music but afterwards, she changed her direction to mainly sculpting.

After she graduated, she moved to Poland where she met new people and was inspired to begin her journey as a tattooer. Unfortunately, she was unable to afford the change but she still held onto this goal for her future, especially since she knew it would change her life for the best. Once she became a mom, she knew it was time to make that dream a reality and it was actually her husband who encouraged her to try practicing on him! After that, friends wanted her to as well.

When her baby was 6 months old, she got her first job in the tattoo industry as an artist. Since that shop was your traditional street shop, she was able to gain experience in the daily happenings of a tattoo shop and hone in on her technical skills. Since then, she has developed her own vision and style for her designs and looks forward to every unique tattoo she has the opportunity to do!

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The price of a tattoo will depend on the artist and the piece, however our shop minimum is $250. If you would like a price quote, we recommend booking a free consultation with the artist of your choice to discuss style, size and placement.

Flat rates for half & full-day sessions may be offered for larger, more complex tattoo designs.

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