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About Joey P

Joey P took a highly unusual path to become a tattoo artist. He didn’t go to art school, he didn’t start hit up every tattoo shop in town looking for an internship. No, Joey started his career as a middle school math teacher in the Bronx.

The idea of becoming a tattooer was always in Joey’s mind, he bought himself a machine and practiced on all types of fruits and vegetables. Then one day a buddy of his bullied him into doing an actual tattoo, and like that, Joey was hooked. Gone were his days of teaching the Pythagorean Theorem, now he’d use his skills in geometry to design breathtaking tattoos.

Joey’s artistic interests are widespread. From Trash Polka to abstract to neo-traditional to geometric mandalas, Joey does it all. If you’ve got a tattoo idea percolating in your mind, hit up Joey and he’ll make it a reality.

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