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About Daniel Luzardo

Daniel Luzardo, A.K.A DaniLuz, is a self-taught Venezuelan realistic tattoo artist with over eight years of international tattoo experience. He is a perfectionist when it comes to techniques and style, as he specializes in making realistic portraits, animals and nature composition. Using the black-and-grey technique combined with touches of colors, the final artwork is always a great surprise to the collector and it is hard to not get impressed with it. His art is characterized by an impeccable sensation of 3D and beauty with perfectly blended elements.

Daniel started drawing at a very young age, his love for art and drawing was as evident as his talent, and despite being a mechanical engineer, he used to work selling his drawings to help his family with life expenses. When the times got harder in his country, Daniel’s friends and family encouraged him to start tattooing and his mother helped him buy his first tattoo equipment with her last savings. That was the beginning of his journey in the industry.

DaniLuz is definitely one of the best when it comes to black-and-greyt, his short but deep career has made him the winner of several prizes in conventions worldwide: 2 times "Best of the show" in Netherlands, "Best piece of exhibition" in Sweden, "Best of the expo" in Colombia, Panama, Argentina, 4th best tattoo in Germany, and so on. These prizes have increased his popularity in the industry and all of his followers have shown a deep level of admiration, commitment and respect to his art.

Currently working and living between Miami & New York, DaniLuz has explored the world thanks to the tattoo art and he has also been able to enhance his style for the same reason; DaniLuz definitely has so much more to offer because he is yet to hit his prime.

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