Coco Sparkle

Resident Artist

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About Coco Sparkle

Coco started tattooing in 2017 in her native Poland but she actually never wanted to tattoo! She grew up wanting to be a singer, the only problem was (and still is) is that she absolutely cannot sing! However, she cannot imagine her life without tattooing now and for that we are lucky. While still living in Europe, she frequently traveled for guest spots in places such as the UK, Belgium, Spain, etc

Coco specializes in Kawaii/Cartoon styles and will happily draw her cartoon Baphomets all day long. Although that will be the style you see from her the most, she loves doing realistic dog portraits too!

Fun Facts about Coco:
- She loves pierogis (she’s polish - duh)
- She is obsessed with Diet Coke
- She is a proud mom to two cute pups! First, she has her pug princess, Lola, that is spoiled more than any of us could imagine. Then, she has a Halloween monster hiding in a Chihuahua’s body, who is appropriately named Pumpkin.

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