Adam Machin

Resident Artist

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About Adam Machin

Originally hailing from Manchester in the blustery North of England, Adam started a career in tattooing nearly 14 years ago. After a solid education in all styles of tattooing, he moved to NYC in early 2014 where he began to focus and further study his preferred style of tattooing, traditional Japanese. He likes to focus on strong, powerful imagery that will continue to age well and always remain relevant, whilst also reserving a more elegant style should it pertain to his client. Outside of tattooing you will find him studying hard at his other passions, submission wrestling and MMA, hence his beautifully unique ears! “Tattooing and training are my life, I feel incredibly grateful to be able to practice both daily in the best city in the world”!

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The price of a tattoo will depend on the artist and the piece, however our shop minimum is $250. If you would like a price quote, we recommend booking a free consultation with the artist of your choice to discuss style, size and placement.

Flat rates for half & full-day sessions may be offered for larger, more complex tattoo designs.

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